site and hosting services

Hosting services we use:

Vendor Description URL Registered Email Annual Cost Billing
  • EC2 for two sites: and
  • SES for newsletter delivery $260 Derek’s visa card
  • domain registration $12 Derek’s visa card
  • Email address/server
  • all sites except two sites with apache/tomcat on AWS EC2
  • all IT services $0 (non-profit discount) Derek’s visa card
Site Up Time
  • Site monitoring service
  • alert is sent to
  • managed through dreamhost
  • pointed to Ho-Chi’s email and phone number) $0 Free service n/a
Google Voice
  • FCS contact number/mailbox
  • voice message notifcation
  • directed to and $0 Free service n/a
  • Facebook Page
  • Facebook developer account

n/a $0 Free service n/a
  •  youtube channel $0 Free service  n/a


FCS site lists

URL Service Hosted On User Password Management dreamhost IT Director and Principal Newsletter dreamhost

tied with AWS SES

IT Director and Principal FCS main site dreamhost All staff FCS registration system AWS EC2 All staff

All family FCS main site (legacy) AWS EC2 IT Director photo site dreamhost All staff

All family FCS share drive dreamhost All staff
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