Happy Chinese New Year!



Thank you Mrs. Bonnie Tang’s great effort on creating this beautiful yet lively Monkey display for Fidelity Chinese New Year stage performance.

Thanks to all the volunteers to make the performance a successful event from performance by culture teachers, students & team members to fun and delicious lunch party organized by Derek Chang & Michelle Lu. We had a joy one!

FCS Culture team

7th Grade 9/12/2015 Week 1 Cover letter

2015-2016 維德中文學校 七年級  第一週 (9/12/2015)

Welcome back to Chinese School! 🙂

本週上課內容 :  (9/12/2015 in class)

  1. 自我介紹
  2. 美洲華語第七冊第一課 : 生字(招…蛋)和造詞,生詞(P10:1-6 & P11),課文第一和第二段(中文書寫方法,中西式早餐,親戚關係,書法).
  3. 作業講解

本週作業: (9/12/2015 homework)

  1. 美洲華語作業本第一課第一週(P1-5) (Mei Zhou Chinese Workbook P1-5)
  2. 生字一張 (practicing word-1 page)
  3. 準備下週小考: 請記生字(招 待 養 喝 漿餅 醬)和生詞(熱情 招待 營養 傳統 特色) (Next week exam preparation : remember 7 words and phrases )

下週注意事項: (9/19/2015 Announcements)

  1. 交作業(作業本第一課第一週和生字一張)  (Hand in homework)
  2. 小考 : 生字->造詞,生詞-> 造句 (Quiz : words to make phrases and phrases to make sentences)
  3. 請帶美洲華語作業本第一課第二週3張 (Please bring Mei Zhou Chinese Workbook P7-12)
  4. 請於9:30直接到大禮堂, 開學典禮 (At 9:30, please go directly to the auditorium for  Opening Ceremony)


If you have any questions, please contact me @ phone: 732-447-8445 or Email: eunicelpan@yahoo.com

7th grade teacher : 劉淑慧 (Eunice)

2015 Mother’s Day Celebration – “Pampering Day for Mom”

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In addition to my fellow  very enthusiastic and dedicated event committee members, I’d like to thank Kalea Harriot, Wendy’s daughter who shared all of  her own nail polish and accessories as well as her talent with us,  Daniel Lee for coming to do portraits (sorry there wasn’t a better response), Teacher Ma for the Samba and Cha-Cha lessons, Jun and PA for helping with the tables and getting us set up and everyone else for their support and for pitching in during set up and clean up.  Hope you enjoyed the event as well!