Week 1. 09/06 Cover Letter

Dear parents and students,

Welcome to the 6th grade. I hope all of you had a great summer! Since most of you parents and students have known me for years, I’ll only do a very simple self introduction. My name is Shumei Kuo (郭淑玫). This is my first year teaching  but 7th year as a parent and volunteer in Fidelity Chinese School. I can be reached via email mkuo531@msn.com or voice 732-792-3245. Any questions and/or suggestions are welcome!

This year our textbook is designed slightly different than before. We will be more focused on the Chinese phrases than individual words. Since all our students are capable of reading Chinese text with help of either Zhuyin or Pinyin, I will skip our routine recording and add sentence practice to homework. Students will be asked to read the assigned pages from our textbook, research and prepare the answers for our games. The games will be designed to help our students memorize and implement the phrases learned in class. They are supposed to be fun and rewarding. I will monitor the progress and participation of each student and adjust the difficulty accordingly.

Again, this is my first year of teaching. I apologize now for my lack of experience. I do not have a set routine or teaching style to follow. I will keep adjusting and rearranging teaching material and homework assignments until I find a balance. If you have any suggestion, concerns and/or ideas, you are more than welcome to contact me.


Shumei Kuo



第一課. 中學生的一天, 課文導讀, 生字和生詞講解



1. 作業本 p. 1-6

Required: Complete ALL contents of page 1 to page 3 and page 6, Complete bottom half of page 4 and 5.

Bonus: Students who complete all sections of p.1 to p.6 neatly will receive extra bonus points.

2. 課本 p. 11 – 15 ( until 當…)

Study textbook page 11 to 15 (語文練習) for our Translation Challenge game.

Familiarize yourself with each phrase. Read the sentences for each phrase and do your best to write your translation in English under each sentence on   the textbook or a separate notebook.

Next week in class students will be grouped into teams. You’ll have 10 minutes to meet and discuss your answers with your teammates. When our game begins, the starting team will challenge the other with a sentence from our textbook p11 to 15 for a correct translation. A correct answer will receive a point and a turn to challenge the other team.

The team with the most points will win the game. Each member of the winning team will receive points to redeem a level one prize or deposit in his/her account.



生字 : 導, 講, 義, 夾, 程, 規, 則

每一個生字的 注音, 拼音, 造詞 (至少一個), 造詞的英文

A sample test will be sent to the emails provided. Please check your email.



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