Grade 2. Week 1. 9/12


第一周  9/12/2015

Dear parents and students of FCS 2nd grade,

Welcome back to school! My name is 郭淑玫 Shumei Kuo. We’ve had a busy day getting back to our fun Chinese learning routine. I am glad to report that everyone including Ms. Kuo survived our first day. Great job!

Students went home today with their new text book, DVD, and two workbooks. Please check if they have their names written on their material. Please also check out the DVD. It has all our lessons and stories from the text book and is a great resource for practicing reading and listening skills.

I’d like to mention a few things of our routine work every week to both our new and returned students.

  1. We will have our writing homework from two workbooks every week. The writing homework is due on Saturday.
  2. We will have a recording homework from the text book every other week. The recording should be sent to my email by Friday 9pm.
  3. We will have a test every week covering the six words we learned from the previous week.
  4. Please come to the class on time and be prepared. Our class starts at 9:30 am and will end approximately at 11:25 am.
  5. Please bring a water bottle as the classroom gets really warm and it’s distracting to have kids in and out of the room constantly.

Thank you all for your cooperation. If you have any questions and/or concerns, please contact me at 732 792-3245 or email




本周教學進度 ( Lesson of the Week)

第一課 倉頡造字 (Lesson One)

第一課 說故事 :中中教中文 (Story)


本周作業 (Homework)

  1. 美洲華語 作業本 p. 1 ~ p.6 (Mei Zhou Chinese Workbook p. 1 ~ p.6 )
  2. 生字練習本 p1. 牛 馬鳥魚名字 (Stroke Order Practice Workbook, p.1牛 馬鳥魚名字)
  3. 練習寫自己的中文姓名 (Practice writing your own Chinese name)


下周考試 (1/24) (Test Next Week)

小考: 姓名,生字  牛 馬鳥魚名字,  注音,  造詞

Our weekly test will include writing your own Chinese name and the six Chinese words, 牛 馬鳥魚名字.


下周注意事項 ( Announcements)

  1. 9/19 開學典禮, 請直接到禮堂集合 (9/19 Opening Ceremony, please report to the auditorium directly at 9:30am.)
  2. 請給學生準備水壺 ( Please bring a water bottle as the classroom gets really warm during the day)

有任何疑問歡迎聯絡 郭老師  732 792-3245 or 917 345-1381

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