Week 28. 5/30


第八課 玄奘西遊記


本周作業 (Homework)

作業本 P.181-185 生詞寫寫看 (Write each phrase one time)



Final #2

Phrases from Lesson 7 and 8 (P.94 and 108 except “貼”, “及”, “鐡扇公主”and “連雲港”)

Study set is available on “Quizlet”, https://quizlet.com/83174973/final-2-flash-cards/

The final test will be generated on quizlet. Make sure you

1. check all boxes on “Question types”

2. “Start with” Chinese

3. Set “Question limit” to 34

when you practice.



End of year class party after the final!!!

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