Week 3. 9/20 Cover Letter


第一課. 中學生的一天, 生字 和生詞講解, 語文練習, 故事閲讀, 會話練習



1. 作業本 p. 13-18

2. 作業本 p. 19-24

3. Quizlet Words and Phrases Practice

Join our online classroom ” FCS 6th, 2014″ on Quizlet.com. An invitation will be sent to each student’s email. You can also use the link , http://quizlet.com/join/ZSEAKep8W to find the class or search for “FCS 6th, 2014”.

There are currently 3 study sets available in our class. Check out  “第一課 生字” and “Midterm 1” phrases until “作業 (homework)”. Feel free to study the whole set of midterm 1 if you’d like. After you’re done studying, take the tests and play games! Your progress will be reported to me.


下周小考 (10/18)

生字 :  育 必 修 另 附 度  業

每一個生字的 注音, 拼音, 部首, 造詞 (至少2個), 造詞的英文



Fidelity Chinese school will be closed for 3 consecutive Saturdays on 9/27, 10/4 and 10/11.

Our next class will resume on 10/18.




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