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Upcoming Events:

5/18: Free Finance Planning Seminar at Cafeteria –> Experienced professionals will provide details to these questions to help you effectively plan your financial future! 9:15AM – 11AM; 11:15AM – 12:15Pm

Early Registration for the 2019-2020 School Year!

~Registration and payment by 6/1 will qualify for discount!

~Registration will take place on line- more information on how to register to come

~You can also register directly at our Treasury desk if you require assistance.

2019 ANJCS YoYo Competition

Congratulations to all of the winners! We placed in almost every category!

Check out Fidelity Chinese School Facebook page for pictures and World journal article HERE

Special thanks to the guidance from our wonderful teachers: Kevin Lam and Jared Chiou!


  • Second Place 第二名 陳兆珍 Addison Chan


  • First Place 第一名 戴溏恩 Alexander Tai
  • Second Place 第二名 趙娟娟 Janice Chao


  • Third Place 第三名 戴溏恩 Alexander Tai & 李韋誠 Aaron Lee

Bake Sale Success!

Thank you to ALL of the families for their support. The bake sale last Saturday was a success, as we raised over $300 for PA school events! 

Because of the great success of the bake sale, we are happy to announce that the coming year-end picnic on 6/15/19 will be FREE for every FCS/MCS student! Stay tuned for more details to come.

ANJCS Chess Contest held at the Princeton Chinese School on March 3rd

Congratulations to the winners of our in-school Chinese Chess competition! The winners will move on to the ANJCS Chinese Chess contest at Princeton Chinese School on March 3rd.

  1. 1st Place Raymond Jiang
  2. 2nd Place Evan Su
  3. 3rd Place Timothy Wong

What’s new!

A new vendor 金華手工包子饅頭 Golden China Steam Bun will come to school and hold a tasting of its buns at 1100am.

Following are some of its home-made products.

  1. 芝麻包Sesame bun
  2. 高麗菜香菇肉包Cabbage bun (Cabbage, shiitake with ground pork)
  3. 素菜包Vegetable bun (Cabbage, dried bean curd, carrot etc…)
  4. 筍香菇肉包Bamboo shoot bun (Bamboo shoot, shiitake with ground pork)
  5. 黑糖饅頭Brown sugar steamed bun
  6. 全麥饅頭Whole wheat steamed bun (whole wheat flour /walnut/cranberry/black sesame)
  7. 土豆肉丸Potato dumpling (potato, sweet potato powder, ground meat)
  8. 炸素春卷Fried vegetable spring roll

Reminder on PA Duty refund

Families must complete 4 PA Duties in order to be eligible for PA refund. There is no partial credit or refund. We are a few months away from last day of school, and there are still some available slots. http://signup.com/go/DAHqSJq

If you have any questions regarding your status, please email inquire with PA desk.

The following will be exempted from PA Duty service in exchange for their role as:

School Board, Staff and Teachers

2019 FASCA New York Training Camp

Experience culture, seek identity, expand ability, and develop your own leadership

Join FASCA! You will have an unforgettable growth this year!

Open to ages 14 to 18, refer to application for more details on registration and deadlines.

The training camp contains the two-day learning and training and a whole-year empowerment program. FASCA New York has specially invited outstanding faculty members in New York regions to constitute the tour lectures for both lively and vivid experience activities; after training, student is eligible to become member of the Formosa Association of Student Cultural Ambassadors, referred to as FASCA, in participation of the “Follow-up Empowerment Program.” Through the service and learning of Taiwan culture and overseas Chinese activities, the students have been cultivated and become a person possessing with strong culture senses and powerful leadership.




一、 紐約地區



3.培訓地點:紐約華僑文教服務中心(133-32 41st Road, Flushing, NY 11355)

聯絡人: Tammy Lee(tammyfasca@gmail.com)及David Kwang (FASCA.david@gmail.com)

二、 紐澤西地區



3.培訓地點:Days Hotel (195 Route 18 S East Brunswick, NJ 08816)

聯絡人: David Chen(chen.david66@gmai.com)及Tina Liu (tinaliu11@gmail.com)

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