Weekly Announcements ending 1/26/19

CNY Tickets on sale, reserve your tickets on google form today and pay on Saturday 1/26!


Date & Time:1230pm-330pm, Saturday February 2nd, 2019

Location:Main Gym of Marlboro Middle School

Highlights:Sit-down banquet style lunch, live QBand performance and dancing, raffle drawings, carnival games, socializing and more.

No tickets will be sold on date of event!

1/26 – Cafeteria – Red envelope lantern folding with Pat Young

Ms Pat Young will be demonstrating red envelope lantern folding on 1/26/2019 Saturday from 9:45 to 10:45am. Participants are to bring their own red envelopes and a stapler. School will be selling special edition red envelopes and Chinese New Year decorations at Snack Table. Its best to use nice looking envelopes to fold and hang the resulting lantern in homes. Ms Pat Young also asked me to remind parents and members that if they wish to make a red envelope ball they will need 60 red envelopes, a fish will need 10, and other origami designs will require 10-20.


School on-site Vendors: 渤海村 Bohai Dumplings

Online lunch catering is from: 聚福軒 The Oriental Pan Asian Restaurant

To order online or view menu selections, go to https://goo.gl/forms/UJDJ6okQVAwA0Mju1

  • Online lunch orders deadlines Friday 11am; In person order at PA desk 10:15am
  • All orders need cash payment at PA desk in the morning.
  • Lunch order available for pick up at PA desk @ 12:15pm

Adults and Students wanted! Still some open slots for volunteers available.

Service hours will be provided to students

Saturday Feb 2, 2019 CNY Performance – on campus


Saturday Feb 2, 2019 CNY Party – Carnival (Make this a fun family volunteering event)


Needed by January 26, 2019

CNY Raffle and Carnival

Bring your donations to the PA/PTO desk. If you know of any business that is willing to donate gifts or gift certificates, please help us to collect the donations. We would need to collect all donations by January 26, 2019

CNY Dessert

Let’s make this party even more fun and festive by bringing some tasty treats to share. Stop by PA/PTO desk next Saturday and let us know what desserts you like to bring! Yum!

Paper Crafting for Chinese New Year on 1/27 Sun 9-10 pm Eastern Standard Time

Live Broadcast: https://www.facebook.com/huayuworld The Overseas Chinese Network of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission will hold a live broadcast of the “Pig Year Paper-cut” online from 10:00-11:00 am on January 28 ( Taiwan time), 1/27 Sun 9-10pm (Eastern Standard time) Mr. Cao Yaqing, will teach how to cut out the characters and patterns of the theme of “Spring Festival” and “Pig” in a simple way!

全球華文網線上教學分享直播活動-豬年剪紙】 再過幾個禮拜就是農曆春節了,不知道各位老師們打算如何佈置教室呢?而家長們要如何佈置家裡?下個年度在華人傳統文化「十二生肖」裡,正好輪到「豬」。可愛的小豬有圓滾滾的身體,模樣非常討喜! 「全球華文網」特別邀請多次擔任僑委會海外巡迴文化老師的「剪紙達人」 #曹雅晴 老師,教大家用簡單的手法剪出「#春節」、「#豬」等主題的漢字及圖樣,不僅可以佈置教室和家中牆壁,也可以運用於文化課程教學,請大家準備好色紙,一起在直播時間上線加入DIY的行列吧! 時間:108年1月28日 禮拜一 10:00-11:00(09:30開始連線測試) 講者:曹雅晴 老師 網址:直播路徑將於活動當天公佈於本粉絲專頁。

Upcoming Dates:

26th January 2019 – Lucky Red envelope lantern folding

1st February 2019 – CNY Off-Campus – Dugan Elementary, Marlboro Memorial and Hope Christian

2nd February 2019 – CNY On-Campus

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