FCS Weekly communication 2/21-2/27/2016

  • There will be a seminar coming up on 3/19. Joann from Marlboro Learning Center will present the following topics from 9:30-11:30am.







  • For H1-H3, please report to #252 at 9:30AM, 2/27 for Multimedia Contest. After contest, we will have a 30-minute slides talking about college preparation for students and parents by Dr. Austin Huang.
  • For 4th-7th grade and CSL-A, pen pal project is due on 3/12/16 (we can send back before spring break). Please see the attached template, two pages for each student, one page English, one page Chinese.

Upcoming events

  • 2/27 regular class (multimedia contest H1-H3)
  • 3/5 regular class (multimedia contest CSL-A/CSL-Conv)
  • 3/12 regular class
  • 3/19 regular class (Internal YoYo competition is changed to 4/23)

Parent Association

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